In the documentary ShowBusiness, a group of New York theater critics sits around the dinner table discussing the prospects for the 2003 Broadway season, and when the topic moves to Avenue Q, one wag scoffs that it'll surely be closed by January. Turns out he was only off by five-and-a-half years. After 2,534 performances, the happily raunchy puppet musical—a sort of Sesame Street for aimless post-grads, or a Rent for the non-mopey—will be closing on September 13th. Earlier this year, the North American touring production closed after a nearly two-year run; and though the London production was supposed to close back in April, it actually re-opened earlier this month after an end-of-run surge in ticket sales. Other international productions and tours will continue. Not a bad go of things for a scrappy little show about porn-loving racist hipster puppets.