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Screenshot: Marvel/Disney

Driven by a new trailer showing off an angry, purple man—and the rare sight of Tony Stark being mansplained to for once—Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War smashed through the record for movie-ticket pre-sales in their first 24 hours today, blowing past its buddy Black Panther with ease. According to Variety, it didn’t even take the film the full day to snatch the record from its Marvel predecessor; Fandango says the movie was already over the line six hours after tickets went on sale.


Of course, the film probably benefited from a Wakandan assist; according to Fandango’s survey of 1,000 early ticket-buyers, 60 percent said that their excitement to see Infinity War was at least, in part, a reaction to Black Panther’s success. (Meanwhile, 94 percent said they were just excited to see the MCU’s various characters all smash into each other, cementing Infinity War’s appeal as the ultimate toybox throwdown of the Marvel movie brand.)

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