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Photo: Avengers: Infinity War

It’s always fun when a phone number or website URL mentioned in a movie or TV show actually works, as the How I Met Your Mother fans who spent hours watching the Slap Bet countdown know, but nothing is as soul-crushing as testing out a phone number or URL you heard in a movie and realizing that it doesn’t go anywhere. Sadly, that’s the situation Avengers fans walked out of when they left Infinity War and tried to call up Captain America.


In the movie, when Thanos’ goons first arrive in New York and start to wreck up the place, Tony Stark considers calling up Captain America and asking him to join the fight. He ultimately decides against it, because Iron Man has never been in a dramatic situation he wouldn’t rather handle himself, but the audience still gets a chance to see Cap’s phone number briefly displayed on the screen of Tony’s phone: 678-136-7092. Sadly, the number doesn’t work, but directors Joe and Anthony Russo told The Huffington Post that they originally wanted to set up an Easter egg for the line.

“We actually had intended to create a fake voicemail from Steve Rogers,” Joe Russo said, adding that they “had it all ready to go” until Disney’s legal department stepped in and shut it down. They don’t elaborate on why Disney had an issue with it, but maybe it’s because the studio knew that some of us would treat Captain America’s phone number like the Corey hotline from The Simpsons.

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