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Avengers: Full House is waiting to carry you home

Screenshot: YouTube

What ever happened to predictability? The Quinjet, the gamma rays, Director Fury. If you miss your old familiar MCU friends, they’re waiting just around the bend in Avengers: Full House. Using footage from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as its movies’ various gag reels, a YouTube user known simply as “Zach” has given the Avengers a ’90s sitcom makeover.

Zach gets points for trying to match the videos shot for shot (as seen in this side-by-side comparison video) and for putting Elizabeth Olsen in the credits slot previously inhabited by her older sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley. However, we have to dock a few points for using the less iconic extended version of the Full House theme song, “Everywhere You Look.” Zach ultimately makes up for it by rightly casting Iron Man as the Uncle Jesse, Captain America as Danny Tanner, and Thor as the Uncle Joey of the Avengers family. Plus Bruce Banner totally is the Stephanie of this group. How rude, indeed.


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