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Avatar will stream exclusively on Disney+

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There’s very little chance that this will change how you feel about subscribing to Disney+ one way or another, but the streaming service announced a few days ago that it will be the “exclusive streaming home” of the “global blockbuster” and “box office phenomenon” Avatar in the U.S., Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. Finally, fans of Disney World’s Pandora zone can see the iconic movie that inspired that equally iconic theme park place, with all of the blue cat people, tentacle intertwining, and Unobtanium that they know and possibly love. Interestingly, the press release doesn’t say anything about 3D, which is the gimmick that made Avatar a hit in the first place, referring only to a “new generation of special effects” in Avatar that “deliver a fully immersive cinematic experience.” So… it won’t be in 3D? Because they would probably say something else if it were?

Anyway, Disney also shared a video from director/motocross racer James “Jim” Cameron, who personally wanted to make sure that you (yes, you) knew that Avatar will be available on Disney+ at launch on November 12. So yeah, after you watch the first episode of The Mandalorian, maybe check out Avatar.

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