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Avatar 2 won’t be ready for Christmas 2017 after all


In news that surely isn’t even remotely connected to Star Wars: Episode VIII’s push to a December 15, 2017 release date, The Wrap reports that Avatar 2 won’t be ready for its projected December 2017 debut. Rabid Avatar fans—an increasingly dwindling breed—will recall that the film originally targeted Christmas of this year before James Cameron admitted it’s somewhat difficult to make a trilogy of world-shattering, pants-shitting sequels all at the same time. This delay is more than a little suspect though, because before the Star Wars shuffling, Cameron said pre-production was on schedule just last month.

Regardless, the intergalactic box office clash no one besides Box Office Mojo really wanted to see isn’t going to happen, at least not in 2017. There’s no new date for Avatar 2 yet, or either of its follow-ups, but presumably they’ll still follow at year intervals. That could happen at the tail end of this decade, or sometime in the next, but no matter how many times Cameron pushes the films back, we’ll always know one thing for sure: they’ll be bitchin’.


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