Patrick Gomez
A.V. Club Editor in Chief...but really just a She-Ra, Schitt’s Creek, Grey’s Anatomy, Survivor, Big Brother, Top Chef, The Good Place superfan.
Apr 7

Shota and Gabe seem the early favorites. Maria and I’m guessing Chris seem the most likely to climb from the middle tier to top tier. Sara seems to have the talent, but her lack of confidence will be her undoing, and I doubt she finishes in the top 5. Avishar has “I have no idea why I’m even here” written all over Read more

Nov 20

The good news for the President is that he’s been isolating from Don Jr. his entire life so there’s little chance of reinfection.

Nov 7

Well, it looks like I’m going to be the one whose insufferable at Thanksgiving this year, Dad.

Oct 26

Just when I was about to give up, I won. It’s exactly where I didn’t expect it to be. Stick with it, Patrick! I know you can beat this thing!

Oct 14

Oh Indigenous people history in the US is pretty interesting because many Americans think of it as a monolithic thing, and breaking down how there are so many unique groups and cultures is fun. Read more

Oct 14

How dare you sirrah! How dare you! You bring up the Peggy Eaton affair and have he unmitigated gall to leave out the most important player? Floride Calhoun will have her day sir, she will have her day! Read more