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Jan 18

Citations Needed podcast with Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson- a podcast on media, power, PR, and the history of bullshit. Trump is dunked on plenty, but corporate media and party leaders also get much deserved scrutiny. Read more

Oct 4

Couple scattershot recommendations and thoughts: if you’re looking for calming or relaxing with very little disorientation or paranoia, CBD strains are a great choice. They can be a bit harder to find because it’s not really used recreationally, so it might be worth investigating. Random CBD strains include ACDC and Read more

Nov 22 2019

There’s a new Tinashe album out today so that’ll probably be my listening for the next hour.

Nov 15 2019

Wu Tang Juniors
Kids of Wu Tang
The 37th Ball Pit
Nu-Tang Clan

Nov 13 2019

Hard boiled eggs. Trumps every other method I’ve tried. Perfect peel every time. My holiday deviled eggs are going to actually look good this year, instead of looking like they have egg leprosy.
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Nov 12 2019

Shutting down the only dedicated politics website in your portfolio right before the 2020 election, one of the most consequential of our lifetime, kicks into high gear. Essentially shutting down the second-most highly trafficked website in your portfolio because one out of every twenty five posts rankles you. I’m not Read more

Nov 10 2019

Does this mean I have to put up with The Rick and Morty Guy at work again? I don’t need someone in the break room telling me both that I “really have to watch it” and also that “the real jokes” will be over my head, Brandon*! Read more

Nov 8 2019

Ugh. I was randomly looking at those little furbies on Ebay just a few days ago. (I WAS NOT GOING TO BUY ANY.) I used to have a bunch.

And I watched the comedy special “My Favorite Shapes” on HBO literally the second after binge watching Los Espookys because I needed more Julio Torres instantly and he uses some of Read more

Nov 8 2019

Ken M, the internet’s most loveable troll, should have a place on the list. That’s my only complaint. He has a lot better threads but here’s all I can find on short notice.

Nov 8 2019

It’s as insufferable as that one time Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Nov 8 2019

This really puts into perspective how insufferable the internet really is.

Nov 4 2019

I used to find Nardwuar annoying, but then I realized he is genius. I love this blurb:

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Oct 3 2018

You exaggerate a little bit, but it’s true UFO catchers and rhythm games occupy most of the space in many arcades. Still, it’d be a shame to lose arcades as it’s, after all, one of the last remaining social spaces out there, for people who don’t drink alcool (and don’t enjoy bars or night clubs).