Andrew Paul
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Dec 3

I’m sure some Millennial or GenZer will jump in to say that Rush and The Police already sucked without this modification. I’m  just here as a GenXer to tell them that they are wrong.

Nov 12

I think what I find most interesting are the empty seats. One wouldn’t expect there to be any. But look how strategically they are placed. The cameras (etc.) had to be somewhere!

Nov 5

I feel for this guy. All of my wireless access point jokes killed.

Oct 27

HOW ‘BOUT THEM DODGERS!? Sorry, had to purge my brain from what I just read in the article.

Oct 6

Gonna admit, at first this was kinda dumb but it pulled me in at the “can of soup”

Sep 17

Have any talking French gorillas been seen in the area? If so, the brain is his boyfriend.

Aug 17

Lovely essay. This whole flashback week has been exceedingly good for the AVC. Almost like old times for some reason!

Aug 14

This is one of my all time favorite albums that I can rarely listen to, just because it’s so unremittingly HEAVY.