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Australian model Ruby Rose joins Orange Is The New Black

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Australian model and DJ Ruby Rose is set to join the third season of Orange Is The New Black as one of the animals trapped-trapped-trapped ‘til the cage is full. According to Buzzfeed, Rose will play prisoner Stella Carlin, “whose sarcastic sense of humor and captivating looks quickly draw the attention of some of Litchfield’s inmates.” Perhaps some of the attention will go to one of Rose’s tattoos, a portrait of Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on her right forearm. Lost, to which Orange is frequently compared due to its depiction of a diverse purgatory, memorably wrote Matthew Fox’s tattoo into a heinous episode, and it would be equally fun if Stella performed a monologue with lots of Ninja Turtle references, perhaps as crazy vagina metaphors.

Rose joins previously announced additions Mary Steenburgen, Mike Birbiglia, and Blair Brown, while Orange’s third season will also welcome back Laura Prepon from her season two hiatus and Lori Petty, who appeared in the season two premiere. With the addition of Rose to its population of charismatic, strikingly gorgeous female felons, Litchfield Federal Correctional Institution will retain its reputation as the cool girls’ table of women’s prisons.

Orange Is The New Black’s third season will premiere this summer on Netflix.


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