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Australian man tries to fly, eats shit on an ice-covered snowbank instead

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The internet provides a nearly endless supply of people hurting themselves in enormously stupid, inexplicably hilarious ways, but only some of these videos are perfect enough to enter the hallowed halls of eternal online infamy. There is The Grape Lady, who appears on a news segment to make wine by stamping her feet and soon accelerates horribly, falling to the ground and yelping a litany of ungodly sounds. There is Kelsey Grammer giving a talk and slipping off the edge of the stage like he just stepped through a sinkhole, breathlessly uttering, “Oh, good lord!” as he bites it.


Now, thanks to an Australian guy who wanted to show off for the camera by jumping into a snowbank that turned out to be covered in ice, it’s time to welcome a new classic into the fold.

According to ViralHog, the man in the video was on a skiing vacation and, following “a bad day on the Kosciuszko ski slopes...decided to attempt taking a flight” from the window of his chalet.


“My brother recorded the success,” he adds. “I was okay.”

Armed with this information, we can, with a reasonably clear conscience, enjoy the simple pleasure of a video showing a man jumping out a window onto a hard snowbank that he obviously assumed would cushion his fall. From the assured smile and declaration that “One thing I do know how to do is fly” to the diving board-style, head-first ram into an icy surface and stiff slide down into a ditch where he groans and, eventually, gives a thumbs-up, it’s all exceptional stuff.


His brother asks if he’s all right and the guy, smiling vacantly, begins to laugh in seeming understanding that he has, by hurting himself, provided the internet with a new, valuable entry to the important comedic genre of “people injuring themselves in hilarious ways.” Bless his heart—and his bruised and bloodied body—for sacrificing his well-being to bring the world a fresh dose of schadenfreude-infused joy.

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