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Australia’s Wolf Creek TV show is coming to the Pop network

Wolf Creek

Greg McLean’s 2005 horror/thriller Wolf Creek was a divisive film, with some people thinking its Australian Outback-styled take on Texas Chainsaw Massacre was too grisly, and some people thinking it was just the right level of grisly. The basic setup, a la that aforementioned horror classic, is that some young people found themselves hanging out far from civilization—this time the Australian outback instead of Texas—and eventually they get brutally slaughtered by a twisted weirdo. The killer in Wolf Creek was a friendly-seeming hunter played by John Jarratt. He returned in a 2014 sequel to kill more people in the Outback, and then Jarratt made the jump to Australian TV earlier this year for a six-part Wolf Creek miniseries.

Now, the Pop network has announced that it’ll be bringing the Wolf Creek series to the United States in October. (For those who don’t know, Pop is what the TV Guide Network is these days, and it airs Big Brother After Dark and possibly other things.) The miniseries stars Lucy Fry as an American tourist visiting Australia with her family. After Jarratt’s killer bumps into them, though, her whole family is murdered and she’s left to pick up the pieces. However, instead of getting as far away from the Outback as she can, she decides to go on a quest for vengeance and hunt down the monster who killed her family.


Wolf Creek will air on Pop on October 14, and you can see a trailer for it below.

[via Deadline]

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