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Austin Powers actor who received life sentence for gang rape now suspected of murdering his cellmate

Here’s an update on some of the most awful news we’ve ever relayed: Joseph Son—the man who used to be known for playing Austin Powers’ shoe-throwing villain “Random Task,” and is now better known as the guy from Austin Powers who kidnapped, tortured, and brutally raped a woman on Christmas Eve—is now also suspected of murdering his cellmate at California's Wasco State Prison, where Son is currently serving his life sentence. TMZ reports that yesterday prison officials discovered the body of the man who was consigned to share his cell with Son, described only as a 50-year-old sex offender serving two years for failing to register as such. Son is being called “the prime suspect” in that man's murder, which is currently being investigated. Developing… into one of the worst showbiz stories of all time.

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