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Austin City Limits lineup announced

We've been trumpeting the incipient '90s nostalgia boon for a while now, and as it turns out we weren't just whistling "Evenflow": This year's Austin City Limits festival, like Lollapalooza before it, is heavy on headliners who had their biggest hits before the turn of the millennium. But besides Pearl Jam, Beastie Boys, and Dave Matthews Band, there's also a solid, diverse roster of stuff that didn't come from something you may have heard at a campus kegger circa 1998, such as Grizzly Bear, The Walkmen, and The Decemberists. We've got the full lineup, but because I'm selfishly trying to drive traffic to Decider to justify my existence, you'll have to click this link to read it. (Go on and give it a try. You can come right back as soon as you're done and it won't hurt my feelings.)


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