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Game Of Thrones isn’t on television right now, though there’s probably at least one person in your friend group who still finds a way to make it the focal discussion topic at any group hang. But they should probably be told there are other television shows out there. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is on Netflix now! We swear this Great Job, Internet! Isn’t just covert propaganda for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. But… have you seen it? You should check it out.

In the event that you miss Game Of Thrones far too much to even think about starting another show, fine, we have something for you: a compilation video of Game Of Thrones audition tapes. The compilation weaves actual scenes from the show with the stripped-down auditions, in which they’re all just little babies. It’s borderline unsettling to watch the actors deliver their lines in their everyday clothes and looks against colorless backdrops. Carice Van Houten delivering a dramatic Melisandre soliloquy doesn’t quite pack its usual punch when she has a script in her hand and there’s a suitcase parked in the corner of the room. Meanwhile, the mother of dragons has a very nice watch. Emilia Clarke isn’t yet rocking her white-blond locks, but she’s still fierce in her portrayal of Khaleesi, regardless of the lack of costuming and spectacle. There’s some killer acting going on. Natalie Dormer and Gwendoline Christie are already bewitching as well. Millions of dollars of production value be damned. They certainly don’t need it to get into character.


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