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Audible launches audio series from Will Arnett, Nick Offerman, and more

As the most prominent purveyor of audiobooks, Audible’s virtual shelves are filled with classic and modern titles ranging from Anna Karenina to High-Rise. The audio-entertainment company regularly recruits in charming, famous people to use their sparkling or dulcet tones to bring the texts to life, who now have a chance to produce some original works of their own. That’s because Audible’s launching a whole slate of audio series that focus on comedy.

Among the new offerings is The Comedy Show Show (that’s not a typo), an audio series hosted by Will Arnett. The BoJack Horseman star will save you the drink minimum and help you vicariously experience the “hottest thematic comedy shows” in the country. The Comedy Show Show premieres today, which Audible subscribers can access for free, and is just $4.95 a month as a standalone service. Here, let Arnett give you the show’s rubdown–we mean, rundown.

This audio series and more will be available on Audible Channels, which have lots of other original content and news. You can also look forward to the live storytelling series, Hold On With Eugene Mirman, which sounds like Drunk Personal History: Mirman will interrupt his famous comedian friends like “Weird Al“ Yankovic and Jim Gaffigan to ask for more details. Sounds Like America will focus on American culture, while Limelight will drop in on comedy clubs across the country with a rotating lineup of hosts, including T.J. Miller and George Lopez. Finally, there’s Bedtime Stories For Cynics, a series presented by Nick Offerman and brought to you by the world’s steep decline. Maria Bamford, Patton Oswalt, Lewis Black, Tommy Chong, and more will tell inappropriate children’s stories, because let’s face it, this country’s way past fairy tales.

Image: Audible

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