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We don’t have a definitive list right here in front of us, but we’re pretty sure this year’s Film Independent Spirit Awards ceremony was the only major industry event to kick off with a full-on blood sacrifice in 2019. (Although we pretty much skipped completely over the Razzies this year, so who knows what sort of dark wizardry might have happened over there.) Much of that sanguine energy came courtesy of host Aubrey Plaza, who seemed to have the epitome of her somewhat sardonic version of a good time helming the event, ritually endangered Finn Wolfhards and all.

So it’s not wholly surprising to see The Wrap report today that Plaza has signed on for a return trip to the annual event, held every year to celebrate the best in slightly smaller cinematic offerings. Last year’s big winner was Barry Jenkins’ If Beale Street Could Talk, for instance, while previous top-prize grabbers included Get Out, Jenkins’ Moonlight, and Spotlight. Plaza presided over last year’s event with a certain nervous giddiness, cracking jokes about how women are coming after such treasured bastions of old-school male fandom as Cannonball Run, and making light of her own status as a co-winner of Best New Feature for Ingrid Goes West the previous year. Clearly, she had an enjoyable enough time that she’s decided to sign on for another year; someone might want to let those other Stranger Things kids know, so that they can make themselves scarce before the sacrificial daggers and ominous robes start getting busted out again.


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