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Aubrey Plaza gives Dave Franco an earful in an exclusive clip from The Little Hours

Photo: Gunpowder and Sky

We’ve been anticipating the release of the upcoming comedy The Little Hours here at The A.V. Club, not only because Alison Brie and Aubrey Plaza as foul-mouthed nuns checks a lot of boxes for our readership, but also because this gleefully filthy update on The Decameron is getting a positive reception in early reviews.

You can decide for yourself with a new clip from the film, exclusive to The A.V. Club; in the clip, Aubrey Plaza’s Fernanda threatens new deaf-mute day laborer Massetto (Dave Franco), only putting down her axe as a favor to convent boss Sister Marea (Molly Shannon). What Fernanda and the rest of the sisters don’t know, however, is that Massetto is faking his disability, and can hear them just fine.

The Little Hours hits theaters in New York and L.A. on June 30, with an expansion planned for the week after.


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