Parks And Recreation

Hollywood astronomers report that, despite the best efforts of rescue crews, actress and professional cat voice Aubrey Plaza remains trapped in Zac Efron’s charismatic orbit. The Parks And Recreation star recently wrapped filming on the upcoming comedy Dirty Grandpa, which will apparently see a crop-top wearing Efron face off against the titular filthy geriatric, played by noted dirt-man Robert De Niro. Now, Variety reports that Plaza will also be one of the bros filling Efron’s life-preserving bro-tank in Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates, the actor and celestial body’s next comedic project. Plaza will be joined in the tank by Workaholics’ Adam DeVine, as well as her Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World co-star and Twitter buddy Anna Kendrick.

Kendrick and Plaza will play a pair of women who respond to Efron and DeVine’s online ad for female companionship, which you may have heard about by reading the title of the movie. According to a tweet from Kendrick, the pair will be named Alice and Tatiana, and will, quote, “FUCK UP YOUR WEDDING”:


Astronomers are currently watching the upcoming comedy, which is being directed by former Saturday Night Live and Brooklyn Nine-Nine director Jake Szymanski, with some trepidation. Current cosmological models predict that if Plaza, Kendrick, and Efron get too close to each other, the resulting charismatic super-gravity could produce a charm black hole, possibly in the form of a third, as-yet-theoretical Franco brother.