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ATX Television Festival to reunite casts and crews of Boy Meets World, My So-Called Life, and Party Of Five

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For years, those wishing to escape the constraints of adulthood, full-time employment, and restaurants whose breakfast offerings omit tacos have flocked to Austin, Texas. A longtime refuge for artists, musicians, and entertainment journalists who eventually leave the Texas capital for the brighter lights and bigger cities of the Midwest, Austin is just the type of place where a man can rekindle his love for a long-ago-canceled television show between a shift at the coffee shop and a gig at Beerland. In other words, it’s the perfect womb of arrested development and premature nostalgia in which to reunite the casts and crews of beloved TV shows from the 1990s. In June 2013, the second-annual ATX Television Festival will do just that, with a lineup headlined by the stars of Boy Meets World (a big get considering the Internet is currently composed of 85 percent Girl Meets World-related content), My So-Called Life, and Party Of Five. The celebration of the television medium (held in a city where it’s thankfully no longer de rigueur to say you don’t own a TV) will also feature Scrubs and Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence, Awkward. showrunner Lauren Iungerich, and others—but like an embodiment of that weird ratings trend where cable repeats trounce new network series, the big draws here are the reruns, which also include a tribute to Austin’s current claim to TV fame, Friday Night Lights. Badges for the festival are currently on sale; no word yet on a time machine that will transport you to that blissful period when Boy Meets World and My So-Called Life aired on the same network.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a Girl Meets World spec script entitled “Feeny Lives!” that needs heavy revisions if it’s to be pushed into the hands of William Daniels in six months…

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