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Attention fat students: Beyoncé’s fitness dance club will take place at lunchtime in the cafeteria

If anything can help curb the nation’s childhood obesity problem, it’s the galvanizing power of Beyoncé Knowles dancing. Add green leg-warmers to the equation and we’ll probably have a generation of triathletes within 8-12 months. So a green-be-leg-warmered (it’s a word!) Beyoncé was probably a good choice to promote First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign against childhood obesity with this winning clip for “Move Your Body,” a retrofitted fitness-centric version of her song “Get Me Bodied.” Yeah, it’s sort of flash-mobby, but it also features a bunch of cute kids doing the Running Man and The Dougie in the cafeteria with Beyoncé. And it’s patriotic to boot! What more do you want? (Did we mention the green leg-warmers?)

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