Unfortunate news for anyone hoping to use the coordinates mentioned in Sunday’s episode of Breaking Bad to unearth their own buried treasure: Breaking Bad is a television show whose characters and situations are purely fictional, and also, those coordinates don’t actually lead where the episode suggests they do. In “Buried,” Walter White has his money stuffed into barrels that he then drives out into the middle of the desert, using a GPS tracker to pinpoint their secret location as +34° 59′ 20.00″, -106° 36′ 52”, right next to the little bush. Yet anyone who actually goes looking in that spot for his ill-gotten spoils definitely won’t find a barren landscape concealing the fortune of a fake man.

Instead, they’ll find the home of Albuquerque Studios, the production facility where much of Breaking Bad has been filmed alongside other projects such as The Avengers—so, a place that yields huge caches of money, yes, but not in the “stuffed into barrels you can dig out of the ground” kind of way. (Another hidden joke: If you add up all the numbers in the coordinates, then subtract them from 5,318,315, then hold your calculator upside down, it looks like the word “BOOBIES.” What does it mean?)