With J.J. Abrams busy directing, writing, and listening to people preemptively complain about Star Wars, Paramount has turned to director Joe Cornish to possibly take over the next Star Trek movie. Deadline reports that the Attack The Block director may lend his skills at staging alien battles against a gang of scrappy upstarts to the third chapter in the rebooted Star Trek series, continuing a trajectory that‚Äôs seen Cornish bounce from that low-budget breakout to more mainstream genre fare‚ÄĒlike working alongside pal Edgar Wright on The Adventures Of Tintin and Ant-Man, and developing Paramount's adaptation of Neal Stephenson‚Äôs Snow Crash. If Star Trek Into Darkness was Abrams‚Äô play on Wrath Of Khan, perhaps Cornish‚Äôs Star Trek could be his play on The Voyage Home, pitting Kirk and Spock against some more modern street toughs?