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Attack The Block’s Joe Cornish might direct that King Kong/Skull Island movie

Illustration for article titled iAttack The Block/i’s Joe Cornish might direct that iKing Kong/Skull Island/i movie

Legendary Pictures, the studio behind the Godzilla reboot (the good one, not the other one), is taking a pretty unique approach to its next project. At Comic-Con a few days ago, it announced that—in addition to Godzilla 2—it’s currently working on a King Kong spinoff that would focus on Skull Island, the horrible, monster-filled wonderland that he used to call home. Legendary has already penciled it in for a November 4, 2016 release, so with that and the barest bones of a premise, all of the hard work is done. The only thing left to do is actually make the movie, and—according to Deadline—the studio is hoping Attack The Block’s Joe Cornish will direct it. Cornish hasn’t made any decisions yet, but we at least know Legendary has officially offered him the job.

Assuming he takes it, Legendary just has to fill in some minor details after that, like dotting and crossing the appropriate letters, figuring out what the plot will be, and maybe thinking about some actors or whatever. The studio can knock that out in a weekend, though, so it’s no big deal. Our only concern is that this project won’t live up to the standards set by Peter Jackson’s King Kong, which featured a thrilling dinosaur chase scene on Skull Island that only lasted a brisk 14 hours.

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