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In most versions of the origin stories for superhero teams like The Avengers or the Justice League, there’s some kind of precipitating event that inspires everybody to get together. It can be a rampaging Hulk or a starfish monster or whatever, it just needs to give the heroes a reason to become a team beyond one of them saying, “Hey, does anybody want to hang out? Let’s all hang out.” The CW has been diligently collecting heroes and villains that it wants to hang out with for its upcoming mid-season Arrow/Flash spinoff show, but it still hasn’t given us a starfish monster to explain why all of these super-people are going to be on the same show. It also hasn’t given the show a name, for that matter.


But, whatever, casting announcements are still fun. The latest addition to whatever this show will be is Franz Drameh, a British actor known for Attack The Block and Edge Of Tomorrow. The press release says he’ll be playing “Jay Jackson, a former high school athlete who was injured in a debilitating accent,” which sounds very similar to the most recent backstory for the DC character Cyborg. He’s a longtime member of the Teen Titans, though, and with TNT working on a Teen Titans TV show, it seems unlikely that The CW would also be able to use him. It’s also possibly that he’s just Jay Jackson, a guy who is not a superhero, but that would be pretty boring. Maybe we’ll find out more if the network ever gets around to telling us some actual information about this show.

It probably never will, though, so we’re just going to keep pretending that it’s called The Super Friends—even if The Flash’s John Wesley Shipp supposedly revealed the show’s actual title on accident.

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