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This summer’s Attack The Block was widely praised for being a scrappy, underdog scamp, a film that was easy to root for especially amid yet another season of overblown, would-be blockbusters. But it was also sort of an indie success story, ergo IT WILL BE ASSIMILATED INTO THE FRANCHISE BORG: Director Joe Cornish talked about the film’s future some at New York’s Comic-Con, confirming again that, first and foremost, a sequel to his inner-city kids vs. outer-space aliens thriller is a real possibility. In fact, Cornish added that John Boyega, who played gang leader Moses, has already given him some ideas for a sequel, specifically a scene of Moses on a stolen police horse “leading this army of South London kids across the river to take on this bigger wave of aliens”—though he apparently hasn’t thought much beyond that, or considered that maybe right now isn't such a great time to be marching hordes of pissed-off teenagers across London.


In the meantime, he added, there are several other offers to consider, including approaches for both a TV series spinoff and, yes, an Americanized remake, because those kids were speaking English but they weren’t, you know, speaking English. So it’s a possibility that America could finally get its own Attack The Block where we can scrub out all the grotty slang and hey, maybe we could make the kids less criminals and more just sort of mischievous, in a Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone sort of way? Or we could just have the aliens terrorize, say, teenage gangstas in Baltimore and have it be about five minutes long, because they’d just shoot the shit out of them. [via IFC]

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