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Atlas Shrugged’s Laura Regan to play Precog Agatha on Fox’s Minority Report show

Illustration for article titled iAtlas Shrugged/i’s Laura Regan to play Precog Agatha on Fox’s iMinority Report/i show

Deadline reports that actress Laura Regan (Atlas Shrugged, Mad Men) is joining Fox’s Minority Report series to play Agatha, a powerful psychic. Luckily, because the show is a sequel to the film, there’s no need for her to shave her head or take a milk bath. Agatha (played by Samantha Morton in the movie), along with her brothers Dash and Arthur, are known as Precogs and originally were recruited/held prisoner by the PreCrime Department, where detectives raided their psychic visions to stop murders before they happened.


The show takes place 10 years after Tom Cruise’s character John Anderton exposed PreCrime as a flawed system, effectively ending it for good. But just when you thought it was safe to murder your landlord, the show will find Dash, plagued by visions of violence, teaming up with a female detective who helps him “find a purpose for his gift.” It’s unclear what role Agatha will have in the show, but the writers should probably give her a major role since she’s the most gifted of the three Precogs. In fact, she’s the one in the movie who broadcasts the Minority Reports, a type of psychic disagreement that doesn’t make much sense for a story that consists only of Dash and a detective running around the city and trying to stop murders.

According to Deadline, the detective in question is “haunted by her past.” At this point, it’s unclear what terrible secret the detective carries, but it probably doesn’t bother Dash at all, as he can only see future misdeeds. (Unless he recognizes her from an Echo, but that’s a season two problem if ever we saw one.) So, they’ll probably get along famously at first, perhaps becoming a classic TV buddy-cop pairing. The detective will order a burrito at a food truck, and then Dash will approach the window and tell the cashier, “I’d like a taco with extra hot sauce, and you in handcuffs—because you’re gonna murder your wife tonight.” The detective will grin and say, “Oh Dash, always working!” It’ll be hilarious and heartwarming, and you’ll barely notice that Steven Spielberg’s mind-bending science-fiction thriller has become a dry police procedural that your parents watch.

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