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Atlanta won't be back on FX this year

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Donald Glover may be a ridiculously talented superstar capable of acting, writing, and singing, but he is also—at least for now—only one person. That means he doesn’t necessarily have time to act and write and perform onstage all at once, requiring him to prioritize some of his projects (like, say The Lion King) over others (like, say, Atlanta). According to The Hollywood Reporter, plans for Atlanta to return to FX at some point in 2019 have fallen through, with network PR head John Solberg noting that it won’t make it to air in time for “this Emmy cycle.”


FX boss John Landgraf says that the writers are working on season three (“thank god”), but they won’t be filming or airing new episodes any time soon. Landgraf points out that this isn’t just because Glover is busy, but also because he’s apparently had “injuries” and things in “his personal life” that have necessitated a delay. He says that he knows everyone would like Atlanta hit annually, but he says you have to decide between quality and quantity sometimes and he’s “just erring on the side of quality.”

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