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Atlanta will get two new seasons in 2021

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It’s been almost two years since we last went down to Atlanta—or at least the Atlanta TV show on FX—but it sounds like Donald Glover is going to try and make that wait worth it: According to The Wrap, FX boss John Landgraf revealed today that both the third and fourth seasons of the show will air in 2021, which is an added twist to what we heard over the summer about both seasons going into production this spring.


As far as Landgraf knows at this point, the first of the two—a.k.a. “season three”—will air in January of 2021, with the second—“season four”—coming “somewhere around the fall.” Also, despite previously saying that both seasons would be eight-episodes long, Glover convinced FX to bump the first one to 10 episodes because “things went so well in the writers’ room.” On top of that, there’s yet another added twist with Landgraf casually mentioning that “a good chunk” of what Glover and company are doing “shoots outside the United States,” as in not Atlanta. He says a lot of it will be filmed in the city that it shares a name with, but it sounds like Atlanta itself might be more of a theme than a literal setting going forward.

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