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Atlanta’s full pilot is now streaming on YouTube

(Photo: FX)

Last night FX premiered Donald Glover’s new, widely praised series Atlanta. In our review, The A.V. Club wrote that Glover—who stars in the show, which he also created—and company “bring a fresh perspective on topics enervating in the culture at large.” Sounds good, right? Well, if you missed it, FX has you covered: The network made the first episode available in full on YouTube.

The pilot introduces you to Glover’s character Earn, a single(ish) father working in an airport. After hearing that his rapper cousin Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry) has a growing amount of buzz, Earn volunteers to be his manager. Alfred, who goes by Paper Boi, is reluctant, but Earn persists to get the track some prime radio airtime. In the first half hour, Glover introduces viewers to the city that gives the show its namesake, and the cast of characters orbiting Earn. We’ve already mentioned how good we think it is. Now watch for yourself.


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