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Atlanta Braves refusing to be co-opted and exploited by Pixar

Although Pixar has made superficial gestures toward differentiating the two, there’s no denying that its upcoming movie Brave stands to profit greatly from our nation’s established affections for “America’s Team,” the Atlanta Braves, thus leading to brand confusion. Fortunately, as reported by Disney news site Stitch Kingdom, Braves owners have already gotten out ahead of the problem, filing an objection to Pixar’s various applications to trademark the Brave name. Of course, their organization only owns the rights to the word “Braves,” not the singular form “Brave,” but they believe the two are similar enough that it would still cause the incurring of damages—to the Atlanta Braves, yes, but also to the millions of Atlanta Braves fans who might turn up to the Pixar film expecting the story of, say, their beloved team’s continued valiant struggles in the postseason, and instead get some kind of Scottish fairy tale or something. Similarly, it could inflict damages on all the innocent children who turn up at Turner Field hoping to see a tomboyish redheaded princess fight ghost bears, and instead they have to watch Fredi González try to get his shit together. And finally, if there is one thing that the Atlanta Braves will definitely give the ol' "Tomahawk Chop" to, it is the crass exploitation of a less powerful group of people. [via /Film]


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