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Atari's Missile Command the next thing-that-people-vaguely-remember to be turned into a movie

According to Variety, Fox is currently adapting 1980’s primitive Atari video game Missile Command into a feature film with actors and everything, once again prompting the question of at what point even the most tangential brand recognition usurps the necessities of basic storytelling. After all, Missile Commandmuch like Asteroids—lacks any definable narrative; it’s the tale of a city comprised of stacked, jagged pixels under attack by a stream of advancing diagonal lines, its only hope for salvation the dots emanating from the vaguely mammarian “command center” at the heart of the town. Screenwriters Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, the same scavengers behind the upcoming reboot of Flash Gordon and Dracula: Year Zero, thus have free reign to do whatever they wish with the story, which likely means they’ll follow the recent Battleship model and stick some aliens in there.

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