AT&T is engaged in yet another battle with one of its cable networks, with reports saying that its U-verse subscribers could lose the Hallmark Channel at the end of the month if a mutually satisfactory agreement cannot be reached before then. Hallmark has already complained to The New York Times that AT&T is “bullying one of the nation’s last surviving independent cable networks by insisting on unreasonable rates,” while AT&T has responded by saying that Hallmark is making “unreasonable and inflexible demands,” and saying that it’s “surprised” Hallmark is airing its dirty laundry in public rather than just talking to them in private. Check and mate, sirs! So anyway, this is sort of like AT&T’s recent battle with Rainbow Media, only instead of losing Mad Men and Breaking Bad, you’d be losing Touched By An Angel reruns and Jennifer Esposito in The Wish List. Also one of “the few remaining family-friendly networks offered on television,” the disappearance of which would surely herald our decline into a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.