Perhaps in hopes of calming down the 427 still-irate members of Facebook’s “Bring Back Outsourced” community (who, as of Sept. 14, 2012, a full 16 months after the show’s cancellation, still defiantly proclaim, “We haven’t given up hope yet”), two cast members from the dearly departed Thursday night comedy—Parvesh Cheena and Rizwan Manji—have reteamed once more. Eschewing the telemarketing comedy that made them the darlings of the NBC line-up to somewhere between 2.9 million viewers and 5.9 million viewers, depending on the week, Parv and Riz, as they’re (probably) known to their pals, have filmed a public service video to try and help dispel the disconcertingly prevalent rumor that Muslims are not allowed to vote. (It’s also possible that they just want to get people to vote, period, which is a pretty good angle in its own right.) Although a desire to maintain artistic integrity may or may not be the reason why Sacha Dhawan, a.k.a. Manmeet, was not shoehorned into the proceedings as well, an omission which will undoubtedly been seen as unforgivable by at least 216 people, they did find room for a little Canadian bashing at the end, and, c’mon, who doesn’t enjoy that?*
*The A.V. Club neither admits to enjoying nor condones the bashing of individuals residing outside any U.S. territory.