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At least some people have seen footage of The Dark Tower

(Photo: Sony)

Though we got a look at a poster last week, actual footage of the Stephen King adaptation The Dark Tower has been elusive. However, according to reports out of exhibitor convention CinemaCon, at least some people have now gotten a glimpse at at Nikolaj Arcel’s movie starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey.

If you want a full breakdown of just what was shown, The Hollywood Reporter and io9 have that on hand. They describe Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) being troubled by his dreams, Roland Deschain (Elba) displaying his gun skills, and the Man in Black (McConaughey) being generally threatening. According to io9, the material Sony debuted “looked like a huge amalgamation of all of Stephen King’s books with plenty of original story worked in.” Largely, the reaction was positive:


Although there was some skepticism:


We still don’t know when Sony will actually release a trailer for the movie, which is due out July 28. But at least now you can rush to some premature judgments.


[via Entertainment Weekly]

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