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At last, someone mashed up Sesame Street with “Sabotage”

Screenshot: YouTube

YouTuber Mylo The Cat, a.k.a. Adam Schleichkorn, specializes in mashups between classic TV series and modern music, featuring characters from Rick And Morty, He-Man, SpongeBob, and especially Sesame Street. A previous video highlighted the Muppets interpreting The Beastie Boys’ “So What’cha Want,” and now Mylo returns to that particular well, with an inspired bent. It’s “Sabotage” by way of that Sesame Street cinema classic, Follow That Bird, in which poor Big Bird is hounded by nefarious types who want to dye him blue and bill him as some sort of giant bluebird of happiness tourist attraction.

The expertly edited car chases and Muppets on the road almost perfectly mimic the Beasties’ legendary 1994 Spike Jonze-directed video, complete with Big Bird as himself, the Count as “Cochese,” Oscar The Grouch as “Bobby, The Rookie,” Super Grover as “The Chief,” and Ms. Finch as “Bunny.” Just like in the original video, the caper is all wrapped up by the end of the three-minute song, but what an entertaining and ideally scored ride it is to get there. The new video even ends with a respectful dedication to Beastie Adam Yauch, who died in 2012: “R.I.P. MCA.”


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