Photo: Fotos International/Getty Images

Fred Rogers was an American hero, an icon of human decency and the preciousness of childhood. Over 31 seasons and some thousand-plus episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, he established a self-contained cosmos of warmth, intelligence, and playfulness that remains the gold standard for children’s television. His legacy is still celebrated online even by the mouth-breathing hordes of Twitch; he is one of the only people everyone can agree on.

What if he were metal as fuck though?

This punishing-as-shit reinterpretation of the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood theme recasts the iconic television personality as a throat-growling harbinger of neighborly love. To be honest, the message is the same, as is Rogers’ gentle smile and reassuring sweater, so in some households this may work just as well as the original. Different strokes for different folks—as long as it keeps Mister Rogers around, it’s a net positive.