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Your local grocery store probably put up its Valentine’s Day displays as it was taking down the Christmas ones, so you know the loathed holiday is on the horizon. Less loathed: our annual Valentine’s Day feature wherein a celebrity guest answers your questions about love, sex, and relationships.

In the past, we’ve had the likes of Sarah Silverman, Tim & Eric, Eugene Mirman, and Julie Klausner, and this year we’re thrilled to have Michael Ian Black taking your questions. Black’s great upcoming book, You’re Not Doing It Right: Tales Of Marriage, Sex, Death, And Other Humiliations (out February 28) spends a lot of time ruminating on romantic relationships past and present—it has “marriage” and “sex” right there in the title—so we feel confident he’ll be able to handle what’s troubling you.


Email your questions to dearmichael@theonion.com by Monday, February 6. We can’t promise that he’ll answer them all, but tune in the week of Valentine’s Day to see Michael’s responses. (Oh and if you're not listening to Mike And Tom Eat Snacks, you're seriously missing out.)

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