Every year around Valentine’s Day, The A.V. Club sets out to help our readers find romantic fulfillment, whether it’s through movie recommendations, sexy songs, or an open and honest look at the “elusive and sadly ephemeral” nature of love with Aziz Ansari. This year, as part of our annual tribute to lovelorn advice columns, we’ve enlisted actor and comedian Hannibal Buress to help us help you and your lonely and/or confused hearts.

Readers with love, sex, or relationship questions for Buress—who’s got a new standup special, Comedy Camisado, coming out on Netflix in February—can email them to DearHannibal@avclub.com. (Note: WE WILL NOT BE PICKING QUESTIONS FROM THE COMMENTS—E-MAIL ONLY!) Questions must be in by the end of the day on Tuesday, January 12, so get wondering. Please start your questions with “Dear Hannibal,” and sign them however you’d like to be identified, whether by your real name, commenter or Twitter handle, or some clever Cyrano-style nom de plume. We’ll ask Buress some of the best questions and he’ll answer them on this site the week of Valentine’s Day. Good luck, and good sex.