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Ask Eugene Mirman about love and sex!

For the past two years, we've dedicated some space around Valentine's Day to a guest columnist to offer our readers advice on love and sex. In 2007, it was the ever-witty Sarah Silverman. Last year, a playa named Slug (of hip-hop outfit Atmosphere) took his turn.

In February, comedian Eugene Mirman will release a book of advice called The Will To Whatevs, which includes plenty of good tips on how to live your life to the fullest, including "how to find a mate before you die—to do it with, marry, or bothsies!" So what better person to offer you, our dear readers, some advice than Mr. Mirman.

E-mail your questions to mirman@theonion.com, or post them below, and we'll choose the best ones for Eugene to answer. (Hint: Don't try too hard to be hilarious in your question. Also: Feel free to ask serious questions and let Eugene bring the funny.) The week of Valentine's Day, all shall be revealed.


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