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Ashton Kutcher made a reality show about young and old people living together, and you see where this is going

Ending what Deadline calls “one of the longest journeys to the schedule” with no further qualifier necessary, apparently, TV Land has finally announced that it will air the Ashton Kutcher-produced reality show Forever Young in April—nearly three years after the network first bought it back in 2010, when Kutcher still had a vested interest in producing reality series that kept him busy and out of the house. That’s a pretty long time to wait to see the series about the hijinks and bridged generational gaps that occur when young “juniors” are forced to room with elderly “seniors”—so long that even Ashton Kutcher has already lost interest in that premise. Did we write this entire news brief just to make that joke? Indeed we did. Hey, do you think Ashton Kutcher told Demi Moore about this show one day while they were in the kitchen, saying, “So it’s, like, young people shacking up with older people, and dealing with their gross old people stuff and… uh…,” as her smile grew thinner and his throat slowly closed up? Maybe. Anyway, the result of that is going to be on TV soon.


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