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Ashley Tisdale will play a "high-priced escort" on Sons Of Anarchy

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Ashley Tisdale turns 27 next month, which means it's high time for the High School Musical alum to make a foray into some more mature fare than other Disney vehicles like The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody and Phineas And Ferb. While Tisdale's last major TV role was playing a bitchy cheerleader on The CW’s Hellcats, she was recently slated to play Petra—“the beautiful and sarcastic assistant to a vintage clothing designer struggling to carve out her niche in New York”—on Louis C.K.’s CBS comedy, which didn't receive a series pick-up. Now comes the news that she’s been cast as “Emma Jean, a high-priced escort” on the next season of Sons Of Anarchy, which means those more mature (i.e. lingerie-clad) job offers are sure to come rolling in. As of yet, there's not a lot of information as to what Tisdale's plotline will be beyond that, other than that she'll "complicate the club's life." But by "club," we assume that means the character Tig.


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