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Ash Vs. Evil Dead’s first episode is streaming online for free

Ash Vs. Evil Dead

After we all lost our collective minds with happiness over word of the new Ash Vs. Evil Dead series, and then were heartily reassured by the news that it was actually pretty good, the last remaining uncertainty was where Evil Dead fans who don’t get Starz could watch the series. Well, now you can, because Starz has made the first episode of Ash Vs. Evil Dead available for free online, so you can watch Bruce Campbell’s Deadite fighter in all his glory and decide whether it’s worth investing in the channel.

Those of you who already get Starz can also chime in the comments and let the rest of us know if this is a subscription worth keeping around after Ash Vs. Evil Dead’s conclusion. (Although, given that the show was already renewed for season two, this may be a moot question for a while.)


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