(Image: Starz)

It’s been five years since MTV Cribs went off the air—after a decade of self-promotion, massive McMansions, and unending excess—but its structure is still perfectly recognizable: erratic camera work, nervous explanations from the homeowner, and loving pans across a house’s gaudiest accoutrements. Of course, said accessories don’t usually include gore-spattered chainsaws, robot hands, or zombie-damaged formica, but, then, most Cribs episodes don’t take place in the home of Ashley William, hero of Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

To promote its upcoming return on October 2, the Starz series has given itself the full Cribs treatment, offering up a deep dive on the Airstream trailer shared by Ash and his sidekicks, Pablo and Kelly. In fact, Pablo’s the one leading the tour, with Ray Santiago bouncing with nervous energy as he shows off the weapons, steps over bloodstains, and even tries on a Bruce Campbell impression or two. Things inevitably escalate into chaos, but not before Pablo gets to sip a Shemps—and reflect on the quiet, bloody desperation of his demon-hunting life.


[via io9]