Person Of Interest

As originally hinted by modern-day Nostradamus J.J. Abrams—aided only by his twin roles as the show’s executive producer and the currently reigning King Of Hollywood—CBS’s Person Of Interest will end after its upcoming fifth season. TVLine is reporting the news, along with the fact that the show’s final season will run at an accelerated pace.

Starting on May 3 (a Tuesday), the Michael Emerson-starring series will release two episodes every week, on Monday and Tuesday nights. That’ll get the show—which continues to draw decent ratings and strong reviews for its tech-heavy take on post-9/11 security in a world that also happens to contain magical computers—finished by Tuesday, June 21, after months of radio silence about its place on the schedule from CBS.


Even before the news, the show’s cast had already begun to disperse; co-star Sarah Shahi has been cast as Nancy Drew in the network’s weird, gritty revival of the classic girl detective series, while Emerson is presumably getting ready to return to The Old Home For Unused Lost Actors, whiling away the days with Terry O’Quinn and Josh Holloway until someone needs some genre TV gravitas to drum up interest for a new project. (Jim Caveziel, meanwhile, is missing, presumed Messianic.)