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As night follows day, so will Judd Apatow produce the next Paul Rudd film

Short of hearing that Woody Allen plans to make a film about a cantankerous middle-aged Jewish man who proves irresistible to twentysomething gentile girls, there is perhaps no news less surprising than the announcement that Judd Apatow will be producing a new film starring Paul Rudd. Nevertheless, MTV News recently nabbed "exclusive" confirmation that Apatow’s next project will be working with Rudd on a script co-written by Rudd’s Role Models collaborators (and longtime State chums) David Wain and Ken Marino. That’s all the details we have to go on, as nothing about the movie's, story, title, or the rest of the cast is known. That gives us plenty of leeway to do our favorite thing in the whole world and wildly speculate, so here we go: This next film will be an adaptation of Uncle Vanya featuring Jonah Hill as “Pancakes,” a guy who remains faithful to the wife who left him after he refused to get breast reduction surgery. Your turn.


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