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As foretold long ago, True Detective producers are making a show about Nostradamus

Illustration for article titled As foretold long ago, iTrue Detective /iproducers are making a show about Nostradamus

There’s a message written on an ancient scroll that historians have debated the meaning of for decades: “In the year of two thousand and four-teen, the television cobblers behind HBO’s True Detective shalt return with a program about Michel de Nostredame as a crime-fighting mystery solver, for apparently no one has thought of that yet.”

As haunting as it is, that mysterious prediction seems to actually be coming to pass. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Anonymous Content and Carnival Films—the production teams behind True Detective and Downton Abbey, respectively—have gotten together to make Nostradamus, an hourlong drama series about that guy who predicted stuff in the 1500s trying to avenge the death of his family. Nostradamus will be played by American Horror Story’s Joseph Fiennes, who is also a producer.


Like most other flimsy TV show premises, this one raises a few questions. Namely, THR refers to Nostradamus as a “famous clairvoyant”—which we think is a little generous, since he was just making shit up—but if he’s really so good at predicting stuff, why didn’t he know his family was going to get murdered? Or maybe he did, but it just came out as vague nonsense that could be applied to any situation.

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