Luke Wilson, in Roadies. (Not pictured: Luke Wilson's hands)

Having reassured itself that there are enough big names involved to take the plunge—Cameron Crowe, check; Luke Wilson, check; J.J. Abrams, big checkmark with a bunch of money tied to the end—Showtime has announced that it’s picking up Roadies for a debut season. Directed by Crowe as part of his ongoing quest to do everything he can with the world of music except actually pick up an instrument, the comedy series will focus on the behind-the-scenes world of touring rock musicians, with Wilson, Imogen Poots, and Carla Gugino working together to keep backstage operations running smoothly.

To go along with the announcement, Showtime also released a super-short teaser for the series, which reveals little more than that most of the cast members seem to be having a pretty good time, and that many of them are in possession of their hands. (Hands being generally viewed as a net positive when setting up amps or picking brown M&Ms out of giant bowls of candy.) Roadies is expected to get on the road some time in 2016.