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Arya is "alone" for her last Game Of Thrones scene, so read into that what you will

Illustration for article titled Arya is alone for her last iGame Of Thrones /iscene, so read into that what you will
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Forget all of the vague comments about finality, we now have some real details about what’s going to happen in one beloved Game Of Thrones character’s final scene—though the details are, naturally, pretty vague. This is courtesy of The Guardian, which sat down with Maisie Williams to talk about her new role in a theatrical production of I And You in London, and while that has nothing to do with Game Of Thrones, she did tease that her final scene as Arya Stark was “perfect.”

Williams says that Arya was alone in the scene, because “Arya’s always bloody alone,” and after it ended she made a speech and “drank a lot of sake.” That’s not much to go off of, but we can offer some theories based on that—as long as we also establish that TV shows aren’t necessarily filmed chronologically, so Williams’ last scene isn’t necessarily Arya’s last scene. Anyway, her comment could mean that Arya is literally the last one standing, possibly after she stealthily murdered every other major player and claimed the Iron Throne for herself. It could also mean she has a sad, lonely death scene, where—much like during the rest of her story—none of her family members are around to help. It could also mean she just ends her story on a moment of quiet reflection, possibly while thinking about all of the people she killed and all of her relatives that were assassinated.

It should be a cheery exit no matter what, befitting the fun romp of Arya’s whole arc.

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