If Guardians Of The Galaxy proved anything, it’s that Redbone‘s “Come and Get Your Love” will always be a great jam. But if that movie proved anything else, it’s that people love to watch superheroes dancing. This isn’t a new phenomenon. The 1966 Batman TV series graced the world with the batusi. And who can forget the sweet, spazzy moves of Spider-Man 3 (no matter how hard they try)? Continuing that well-established tradition, artist Kenny Keil has created a series of drawings of comic book characters in various states of getting jiggy with it.

On his Tumblr, Keil depicts superheroes both well known and obscure performing dance moves that are baffling, yet oddly appropriate for each character. For example, there’s something so right about Blue Superman (long story) doing the Kryp Walking:


And it’s only appropriate that The Flash is doing the running man:

Speedball (no, really - he’s a comic character) with the bankhead bounce:


Black Lightning is obviously going to be the hippest guy in the room with moves like these:

There’s more over on Keil’s site, including Spider-Man’s Aunt May. Keil’s style remains true to the original designs of the characters while adding a fun, cartoony flair that increases the joy derived from seeing superheroes getting down.


[h/t ComicsAlliance]